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January 2020
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Tag: Memory

The Happy Man

The Happy Man, originally uploaded by elefanterosado. It is critical to serve others, to contribute actively to others’ well-being. I often tell practitioners that they should adopt the following principle: regarding one’s own personal needs, there should be as little involvement or obligation as possible. But regarding service to others, there should be as many […]

Remembrance of A Roman Holiday Past

roman street, originally uploaded by coolfonzies. Once upon a time I lost all of my luggage in Rome. Through sheer stupidity, through force of habit. Because I behaved as an accidental tourist instead of a seasoned traveler. But that would come later, honed carefully after years of globe-trotting. Fresh out of a semester abroad in […]

Happy Valentine’s Day Mummy

Happy Valentine’s Day, originally uploaded by elefanterosado. Examples of homemade valentines from as early as Victorian times include those with handwritten original verse, some with feather ornaments and others which were puzzles in which the paper had to be unfolded and read in a certain order for the message to be understood. The typical homemade […]

A Snapshot

Snapshot of my Father, originally uploaded by elefanterosado. The tears come at lunchtime. Unbidden. They come for a strange, almost unfathomable reason: you are sad to see him go. It is all the same as usual: the pile of scrambled eggs, toast, and potatoes. The napkin tucked in at his neck over the sweater. His […]

In Memory

In Memory, originally uploaded by elefanterosado. This photo was taken by my grandfather in Princeton, New Jersey (circa 1968) when I was three and my brother was five. I adored and idolized my brother then, just as I would for his remaining 19 years. My grandfather was a tall and imposing presence; a taciturn classics […]

The Feral Children

Tripp trapp trull, originally uploaded by YlvaS. The feral children regard me with dull, vacuous eyes as I drive by them on the road. They do not move from their spot near the river, which is littered with a jagged line of broken-down toys and rusted bicycles. The eldest is a girl of eight with […]

Wonder Women

This will be a short post due to the fact that I’m in the library, post trip and post computer crash, trying to cram in a short update. I had one thing in mind and am writing another. And what I realize I need to write about is how lucky I am to be entering […]

Emergency Room

Emergency Room, originally uploaded by elefanterosado. Hospitals are lonely places. Isolating places. To me they also have a definite scent: of disinfectant, disease and death. And even worse: institutional indifference. My experience of hospitals has been one of alienation and repression, of weightiness. The only notable exception is a particularly beautiful specimen of architectural elegance […]

The Cowboy’s Lariat

Cowboy , originally uploaded by elefanterosado. You could say I have a thing for cowboys. Real cowboys, that is…not their urban impostors. And it’s not that I dig them in a watched-too-many-spaghetti-Westerns, groupie-following, junior-highschool-girl-crush kind of way. It’s more like a sweetly held hushed awe for their vanishing form of life and their vital skill […]