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November 2019
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Tag: horses

The Edge of the Desert

Tucumcari Mountain, originally uploaded by POsrUs. He who loves with passion lives on the edge of the desert. –East Indian Proverb The mountain rises like a vast ignoble specter in the sky. A broad tabletop mesa juts its ragged indentations every which way. A flat cleft has been shaved off the east side, exposing a […]

Going For Broke

Going For Broke, originally uploaded by elefanterosado. Admittedly, not the best scan. The original print is much nicer, but this was taken way back in the days (ee gads!) before I owned a digital camera. Here Cleo and I are trotting into the vet check at the Colfax Coal Rush endurance ride in New Mexico, […]

Don’t Mess With My Woman

Don’t Mess With My Woman, originally uploaded by elefanterosado. Walter The Goat shows he’s protective of his best friend Cleo, a nine months pregnant Arabian mare. Cleo will have her first foal in early June. Except for when they go into their stalls at night, Cleo and Walter are seldom more than this far apart […]

Winter of My Discontent

Hardy Horses of The North, originally uploaded by elefanterosado. An icy blast of wind hits me square in the face as I throw a second flake of hay into Jem’s paddock. She sniffs the air and looked happy to see me, all alone on her side of the fence. I’m glad to see she’s feeling […]