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November 2019
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Tag: foal

Bring The Camera Closer, Darling

Bring The Camera Closer, Darling, originally uploaded by elefanterosado. My brother always loved the classic Catherine Deneuve commercial where she’d demand that the photographer pan in on her face as closely as possible. “Bring the camera closer, darling!” she’s purr in her sexy French accent. “I’m Catherine Deneuve!” My brother, who passed away 21 years […]

Breakfast Doesn’t Get Any Weirder Than This

Um, I Don’t Remember Inviting a Daschund For Breakfast, originally uploaded by elefanterosado. Windsong (a 5 week old Welara foal) is pretty sure that he did not send a written invitation to Taz (a ten year old, 12 pound miniature Dashund) to join him for breakfast. But Taz is as relentless as The Mad Hatter […]

The Three Stooges

The Three Stooges, originally uploaded by elefanterosado. Yeah, well obviously this one didn’t quite turn out. It would have been a perfect shot of Walter, Cleo and Windsong EXCEPT for the fact that it was raining AGAIN and I managed to get water on the lens. So every attempt rendered Cleo a house of mirrors […]

This is love

This is love, originally uploaded by elefanterosado. After a fun romp across the paddock under mommy’s watchful and protective eye, Windsong & Cleo pause for a moment of repose. It’s good to be three days old.

Presenting “Bailef’s Windsong”

Presenting “Bailef’s Windsong”, originally uploaded by elefanterosado. She kept us waiting nearly two weeks, but finally delivered the goods. Early this morning I heard my husband shout one word from the barn: “FOAL!” And there he was indeed, all wobbly legs and fawn-like body. Mama had obviously had her delivery in the early morning hours. […]