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January 2020
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Tag: cowboy

Cowboy at Dusk

Cowboy at Dusk, originally uploaded by elefanterosado. Alone on the range with just his dog, he watches as the long, hot day wanes to dusk. There’s no other life for a young cowpuncher. Near Tucumcari, New Mexico.

Bareback Boy

Jon Luse, originally uploaded by elefanterosado. New Mexico’s number one bareback bronc rider, Jon Luse, takes a minute to pose for me at The Blue Swallow Motel in Tucumcari, New Mexico. Mr. Luse was kind enough to take the time to give me some suggestions on where I might keep three horses in Tucumcari when […]

One Paper Kid

Cattle Feeder Wagon & Running Horse, originally uploaded by elefanterosado. …and he’d heard of a place it was legal to dream So he sat with his coffee in a blue [New Mexico] wind And he wrote on a rock The one paper kid is rollin’ again. —Emmy Lou Harris He tells me there are only […]

Marlboro Country

Cowboy & Horse, originally uploaded by elefanterosado. This is the last shot I took in New Mexico, and it is also my favorite. Cowboy and horse trainer Michael Foth sits astride my Canadian Cheval mare, Jem. Mike has spent over three months training this former broodmare, working her on cattle, the ranch, and round pen […]

Don’t Let All Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys

Don’t Let All Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys, originally uploaded by elefanterosado (away in New Mexico). Michael Foth: Bronc rider. Bull rider. Student of Ray Hunt. Farrier. Cattle Roper. Ranch Manager. One Hell of a Horse Trainer. Cowboy extraordinaire. Fuch Ranch. Santa Rosa, New Mexico

The Cowboy’s Lariat

Cowboy , originally uploaded by elefanterosado. You could say I have a thing for cowboys. Real cowboys, that is…not their urban impostors. And it’s not that I dig them in a watched-too-many-spaghetti-Westerns, groupie-following, junior-highschool-girl-crush kind of way. It’s more like a sweetly held hushed awe for their vanishing form of life and their vital skill […]