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August 2019
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A Good Malt

Whisky barrels – Speyside Cooperage, originally uploaded by Project 404.

If the contents can be confirmed, safely extracted and analysed, the original blend may be able to be replicated.

Richard Paterson of Whyte & Mackay, upon the discovery of several barrels of whisky from Sir Ernest Shackleton’s failed expedition to the South Pole.

While Ernest Shackleton was awarded with a knighthood upon return from his record breaking expedition to the South Pole, proof has emerged that the trip could have been little more than one extended jolly, with the legendary explorer sailing three sheets to the wind the entire journey.

Five crates of whisky and brandy have been recovered from a hut built during the Shackleton-led Antarctica knees-up of 1908, and furthermore it is thought that the century old treasure trove of booze may still be drinkable.

Two crates were initially found by explorers in 2006 but it proved too difficult to dislodge the ice that had been surrounding them for over a hundred years. Now a team of explorers have been sent out by whisky makers Whyte & Mackay to retrieve samples from the bottles, with the aim of recreating the blend.



Given the hell Shackleton endured to save every member of his crew after the good ship Endurance snapped like a twig under the pressure of heavy ice floes, who can blame him (or his frost-bitten men) from imbibing a good malt now and again? And then for leaving a few good barrels behind for posterity?

I raise my glass to you, sir.