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January 2020
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Finding The Meadow Across The Creek

Mountain Meadow, originally uploaded by SP8254 – on a break.

…the indigenous peoples of the world…live in a universe, in a cosmological order, whereas we, the peoples of the industrial world, no longer live in a universe. We live in a political world, a nation, a business world, an economic order, a cultural tradition, in Disney World. We live in cities, in a world of concrete and steel, of wheels and wires, a world of business, of work. We no longer see the stars at night or the planets or the moon. Even in the day we do not experience the sun in any immediate or meaningful manner. Summer and winter are the same inside the mall. Ours is a world of highways, parking lots, shopping centers. We read books written with a strangely contrived alphabet. We no longer read the book of the universe.

Thomas Berry, from The Great Work: Our Way Into the Future

I concur with Father Berry. So much so that I am determined to reduce the time I waste on Facebook, Flickr, and other virtual realities. Instead I will spend more time meeting face to face with dear friends and sharing laughs in a warm cafe, where books are piled on tables and meaningful conversation streams. Where poets meet to read their lyrical words and put the world to rights. And go for more walks in this beautiful place called Windham County, where I often hear the angels whisper. Because this is what life is really about.