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August 2019
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Empire State Parking Ticket

Empire State Parking Ticket, originally uploaded by elefanterosado.

A few weeks back I had to take my car into the shop. The rental agency gave me a black PT Cruiser, which in addition to having a decided funereal look about it, raised the ire of the Bellows Falls meter maid. Along with my parking ticket I found a stern note. “Please park in only one space,” her harsh scrawl severely informed me. I scratched my head. Okay, sure, I was over the line, but the car beside me had ample room.

I stuffed the citation in my bag and promptly forgot about it, until it fell out later that evening, whereupon my husband asked: “What’s this?”

“The meter maid wasn’t feeling solicitous today,” I replied. Then I confessed my grave offense. “I guess it’s an unwritten law in Vermont that a car that looks like a hearse shouldn’t be parked in front of the offices of decent business. Is this a Yankee thing?” I asked. “Or maybe because it’s dirty?”

A slow smile spread across my husband’s face. “I know why you got this ticket,” he smirked.

“Well? Don’t just stand there grinning like an idiot! Enlighten me, for God’s sake.”

“Go look at your license plate, you obnoxious Noo Yawk leaf peeper you!” He laughed.

And sure enough, there it was in all its glaring obvious-ness: a New York state license plate. Daring to hog two parking spaces AND being from New York. There just wasn’t a box to check on the ticket for the latter. I decided $20 was a small price to pay to savor my fictitious status as a rubber-necking funeral director from The Empire State.

Every once in awhile it’s fun to go incognito in your own town.

Uploaded by elefanterosado on 9 Nov 08, 9.49PM EST.