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January 2020
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My Vote Counts

My Vote Counts, originally uploaded by elefanterosado.

This is the first time I’ve actually kept a memento of my vote. It was a special night in Vermont, as we were the first state to go blue. And Windham County, where I live, went blue in spades. I know our president-elect wants to make such divisive terminology passe, but it was pretty darned cool to see that little spot flash blue way up north in New England, in a state that is already cooler than cool.

Many of my closest friends live several states away in this fair country, but we’ve been in continual contact since the elections. My best info has come from them. Here’s what three of these incredibly smart, incredibly politically savvy women have to say about the forthcoming monumental change in this country:

“Huge scream of joy and elation. The universe has shifted. I am so extremely happy. I have been waiting for this for 8 years. Halliluya.” (-from DW. West Springfield, Massachusetts)

“OK – so you can tell how obsessed I am with this election because I keep dreaming about it. The other night I dreamed that some friend of mine was telling me I should run for VP. I said ‘But I’m not qualified to be VP!’ And they said ‘You’re more qualified than Sarah Palin !’ And I went: ‘Oh, yeah, you’re right !’

“Last night I dreamed that I was with my mom somewhere out of the country trying to figure out who won the election by watching the news. First they reported that it was John Ashcroft, and I was horrified, and then they reported that no, actually it was Donald Rumsfeld ! And my mom and I looked at each other with horror and were saying ‘President Rumsfeld !!! Oh my God – we’re never going back !’ I woke up and went ‘Oh – thank God – it was just a nightmare !’ (sort of like the last 8 years). Jesus, let’s get this thing over before I have a complete nervous breakdown!” (-From L, Belmont, California. Before the good news came down, obviously. 🙂

“For the first time in my life, I want to go buy an American flag.” (-from KC in Salt Lake City, Utah.)

Thanks for keeping me such good company during this election, ladies. You could all be political commentators. And you all rock!