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January 2020
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I’m Thankful That Old Road’s a Friend of Mine

It’s Snowin‘ on Raton

Come mornin‘ I’ll be through them hills and gone
Mother thinks the road is long and lonely
Little brother thinks the road is straight and fine
Little darling thinks the road is soft and lovely
I’m thankful that old road’s a friend of mine
Tomorrow the mountains will be sleeping
Silently the blanket green and blue
And I shall hear the silence they are keeping
I’ll bring all their promises to you
I’ll be hitting the road later this month to visit my old friend the Land of Enchantment, con mi hijo, J. We’ll be checking out the landscape around Mountainair, and after an east coast summer full of rain and humidity, I can’t wait to breathe some of that mountain air myself. We’ll drive north to Monument Valley, Colorado for Labor Day weekend, where we’ll catch up with the embodiment of New Mexico herself, my good friend KC. KC is heading out from Salt Lake City (where she now hangs her hat) con su hijo, Ryder, so we’ll have a girls’ weekend with two little boys. I’m brimming with excitement because I haven’t seen KC since the summer after I was married, despite the fact that she’s one of my closest friends. When we get together we’re like two kids in a candy shop. Aries (KC) and Sagittarius (yours truly) have a profound and wordless understanding of one another. (Fortunately the fire in our signs rarely meet at cross purposes.) KC is one of the most remarkable individuals I have ever known; all six feet one inch of her. A blond blue eyed Amazon from Tyler, Texas. She’s got a bit of the twang left, usually only detectable when she’s shoving a petition in your face and demanding you sign it. Now. 
At my wedding she sported a camera on one hip and a child on the other. With the camera she snapped some incredible photos of our rehearsal dinner. She’s been known to repair her roof (second story) while heavily pregnant, bang together unassembled futon frames (mine), repair old Coleman camping stoves, build web sites (mine), fix computers (mine) and move about nineteen times all by herself with only a child and four dogs for help and company. She makes the meanest breakfast burritos I have ever tasted. She knows all the best places to go in New Mexico. She doesn’t just love the West…she is the west, body and soul. 
I’m thankful KC’s a friend of mine.