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January 2020
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Enough Already!

Rod Blagojevich, originally uploaded by jburwen.

The only thing more utterly shocking than Rod Blagojevich’s sickening abuse of power and hideously uninhibited ego is the fact that his bad behavior and corruption of office should prove so consistently newsworthy. At best it’s tabloid fodder on a slow day, but does it really warrant cyber play in tandem with headlines chronicling Obama’s attempts to curry bipartisan support at the capitol, or the brutal deaths of innocent citizens in the Holy Land?

That was meant to be a rhetorical question, but (for the literal mainstream news media among us) I’ll answer it anyway: Uh, that would be a resounding NO.

I’ve grown a little weary of celebrity trials (a la O.J. Simpson) full of dramatic appeals, pity parties and the unrighteous outrage on behalf of corrupt officials and gormless CEO’s who demand a headlong rush at the bully pulpit. Rod obviously thought he’d get some street cred by shouting about the abuse of his “rights” in front of a colorful jury of the media rather than a glowering, gray assortment of his (unsympathetic) peers. This latest stunt of arriving at the eleventh hour to plead his case before the Illinois Senate really had me reaching for the remote control and the POWER OFF button on my computer simultaneously. Had I been there, I would have loved to have given him the bum’s rush out the door. Personally, I think I could take him.

Like Rumsfeld and the disgraced Attorney General Gonzalez before him, Blagovich has made a mockery of due process and greatly weakened our government by refusing to step down when both of his hands were caught firmly jammed inside the cookie jar. This is a reprehensible trend, not to say a perverse travesty of justice. As part of their long punishment, these nefarious characters should be required to dust off their history books and read about someone called George Washington, a man who understood about the finite limits of power and the importance of staying above the law. He got it right. It’s a simple concept: stay above the law, boys.

You’re going down Rod. Take it like a man.

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(Photo courtesy of jburwen under the Creative Commons License.)