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Backwoods Ride & Chain Bloggin’

Backwoods Ride, originally uploaded by elefanterosado.

Riding through layers of crunchy snow yesterday on Jem, my 10 year old Canadian Cheval & snow horse extraordinaire.

This is a bit of a cheapie because I’m just cutting and pasting from a Flickr post. One of my pals over there “tagged” me, which means I was called upon to come up with nine “little know facts” about myself. All of these things are well known to my close friends and are hardly revelations. However, in a week in which I’ve found myself with precious little time to write due to the hernia operation of my son’s beloved babysitter, it’s either this or nuttin’ (as they say in Noo Yawk). Despite severe time restrictions, I was somehow not able to do my usual vicious self-editing job, so in this version of things, you’ll get twelve “little known facts.”

The most embarrassing part of this is that I am now supposed to “tag” nine more flickr friends and persuade them, in turn, to spill their guts. I thought chain letters went out in the 80s? And then what happened? Ah yes, now I remember: the internet!

In any event, here goes:

1. I have a Masters Degree in Shakespeare. People love to throw Hamlet and Macbeth quotes at me, and are disappointed when I come back with Twelfth Night and King Lear quotes. I say: “sorry folks my specialty was the Shakespearean clown, but I can quote the entire Hamlet soliloquy if you *really* want me to.”

2. I am a trail riding and endurance fanatic. I love backwoods riding. I have done several 25 and 50 mile endurance rides on my Arab mare, WCR Estrellita (barn name: Cleo).

3. I am crazy about animals. In addition to my two horses Cleo and Jem, my husband and I also provide a loving home for Princess the miniature pony, Walter the Nubian goat, Taz (miniature Daschund), Abby (Golden Retriever) and Sylvester (a grumpy old black and white domestic short hair cat).

4. I love to travel and have logged quite a few miles in this endeavor. I’ve visited approximately 23 countries, and a few others I may have forgotten. Favorite countries include Cuba, India and Nepal.

5. I completed 10 days of the Annapurna Circuit trek in Nepal before becoming seriously ill with High Altitude Cerebral Edema. My life was saved by an extraordinarily loving and dedicated sherpa named Chamar Lama who walked with me for four hours until I could be safely evacuated by helicopter.

6. Remaining life ambitions: to finish the novel I’m writing and to ride one of my horses from coast to coast for an important cause. I would also like to complete The Tevis Cup 100 mile endurance race when my son is a bit older.

7. (Are we at #7 already?) I am a writer and former journalist. While writing newspaper features in New Mexico I met and interviewed several famous people. However, I find plain old “homespun folk” infinitely more interesting.

8. My greatest accomplishment is the co-production (with my husband 🙂 of a beautiful, lively and intelligent three year old son. He came into the world three months early weighing 1 pound 7 ounces, but quickly proved he was no shrinking violet.

9. I am a Buddhist and spiritual thinker with a strong belief in the inter-connectivity of all things and beings. I deeply hope to see a shift in the current world consciousness and an end to poverty, strife, warfare and hatred.

10. Bonus fact: I’m married to the nicest guy with the cutest Minnesota accent you’d ever want to meet. I’m a lucky gal!

11. I can read, write and speak Spanish. So Spanish speakers should feel free to leave comments in their native language.* (*¡Por favor, escribe comentarios en español, si usted habla español! 🙂

12. This blog is named for Pablo Neruda, the man who explained the creative process to me through his poetry. He is my inspiration for learning to speak and write in Spanish.

P.S. My husband informs me that fact #10 *should have been* fact #1!


Comment from FjordWoman
Time January 15, 2009 at 7:09 am

What a great list!
I, too, am married to the awesomest guy I could ever have hoped to find, but he’s a born and bred Lawn Guylander! He is a total animal lover and we share a plethora of critters to love and care for, including my 17 yr old son who thinks he’s knows it all!
I, too, love endurance riding, but the closest I ever came was years back when a friend and I used to compete and point-to-point rides through the RCA State Land nearby.
Tevis would be a dream for me,too!
Thank you for sharing- you are one cool chick!

Comment from Elefanterosado
Time January 15, 2009 at 6:32 pm

You’ve got the right kind of pony. You could definitely ride a Fjord in the Tevis! Really, the best training is long trail rides.

I love the fact that you include your son as “one of the critters.” That’s how it feels around here too…our animals are our son’s siblings.