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January 2020
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Archive for 'Memory'

Remembrance of A Roman Holiday Past

roman street, originally uploaded by coolfonzies. Once upon a time I lost all of my luggage in Rome. Through sheer stupidity, through force of habit. Because I behaved as an accidental tourist instead of a seasoned traveler. But that would come later, honed carefully after years of globe-trotting. Fresh out of a semester abroad in […]

A Snapshot

Snapshot of my Father, originally uploaded by elefanterosado. The tears come at lunchtime. Unbidden. They come for a strange, almost unfathomable reason: you are sad to see him go. It is all the same as usual: the pile of scrambled eggs, toast, and potatoes. The napkin tucked in at his neck over the sweater. His […]


Ann, originally uploaded by elefanterosado. I met Ann at a coffee shop in Jersey City. Despite the incredibly casual environment, she was dressed in immaculate Chanel style for a mid day luncheon, reminding me very much in looks and style of my born-and-bred in Rye, New York grandmother. My grandmother who took me to the […]

Farewell Summer Memories

Boat House, originally uploaded by elefanterosado. A boat house snuggled behind tall sea grass at low tide bids farewell to summer. The sky is blue, the air cool. I love to walk down this beach, smell the salt spray, and watch the phantoms of my childhood float by. It’s always so good to come home. […]

Through the Veils of Time

Through the Veils, originally uploaded by elefanterosado. Looking through banners at the new athletic facility at my alma mater, the Dana Hall School in Wellesley, Massachusetts. Immediately in front is an upper level track, and below is the first of double basketball courts. This state-of-the-art building came into existence after my graduation 25 years ago. […]

Emergency Room

Emergency Room, originally uploaded by elefanterosado. Hospitals are lonely places. Isolating places. To me they also have a definite scent: of disinfectant, disease and death. And even worse: institutional indifference. My experience of hospitals has been one of alienation and repression, of weightiness. The only notable exception is a particularly beautiful specimen of architectural elegance […]

The Halo

Buddha, originally uploaded by elefanterosado. We have a ritual now. He sits on my lap, his little head pressed tight against my shoulder. He pulls on the gold chain as I remind him to be gentle. His little legs are tucked up beneath him. And he asks the same question, although I’ve answered it many […]

Love Is

This photo, now well over 20 years old, remains a favorite of my younger sister and me. It was taken around Christmas time at a clothing shop in Kentville, Nova Scotia, a few miles from the town where we grew up. It is no accident that the photographer was our older brother, whose playful sense […]

The Mountain

Fetal Heart Monitor & Tiare’s Contractions, originally uploaded by tiarescott. (*Photo courtesy of tiarescott under the creative commons license.) The Vicadon makes me doze. My dreams are short, freeze-frozen vignettes. Sound bites. Truncated sleep through a haze of narcotics. I’m borne backwards through time and space to this: the gap in space in which there […]

Sweet (Potato) Memories of Amsterdam

Seventeen years ago I ended a three month backpacking/train-jumping tour of Europe in Amsterdam. Exhausted from meager rations of a backpacker’s diet and too many nights spent with my neck pillowed by the hard steel of an inadequately padded arm rest, I collapsed at a Youth Hostel in that fair city of windmills, Van Goth, […]