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July 2019
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Bareback Boy

Jon Luse, originally uploaded by elefanterosado. New Mexico’s number one bareback bronc rider, Jon Luse, takes a minute to pose for me at The Blue Swallow Motel in Tucumcari, New Mexico. Mr. Luse was kind enough to take the time to give me some suggestions on where I might keep three horses in Tucumcari when […]

The Happy Man

The Happy Man, originally uploaded by elefanterosado. It is critical to serve others, to contribute actively to others’ well-being. I often tell practitioners that they should adopt the following principle: regarding one’s own personal needs, there should be as little involvement or obligation as possible. But regarding service to others, there should be as many […]

Cigar Girl

Cigar Girl, originally uploaded by elefanterosado. so smart so quick-witted so organized with such a good eye for what looks good that you just wish she could be your wife.

Running Horse

Running Horse , originally uploaded by elefanterosado (away in New Mexico). A running Quarter Horse sails into the sunset at magic hour, ready to take off into flight with gilded wings. Fusch Ranch. Santa Rosa, New Mexico.

Night Plow

Night Plow, originally uploaded by elefanterosado. You know you’ve gone shutterbug slap-happy when…you stand in front of an on-coming snowplow on a dark night full of heavily falling snow…and kick yourself for not standing closer and getting a better shot.

Welcome To My New Blog

Welcome to my newly designed blog, A wonderful designer from Utah, Chase Sagum of Evolve Web Design, worked hard to create a dynamic concept to go along with my prattle. I’m excited to have actual ownership of the domain Pablo Neruda’s World, because this is the world I want to happily inhabit, either in […]

A Long Long Sleep

A Long Long Sleep, originally uploaded by elefanterosado. A long, long sleep, a famous sleepThat makes no show for dawnBy strech of limb or stir of lid, —An independent one. Was ever idleness like this?Within a hut of stoneTo bask the centuries awayNor once look up for noon? –Emily Dickinson The sun descended slowly on […]

Dirty Mini

My Dirty Car, originally uploaded by elefanterosado. G the carpenter wanted a photo of himself with his exceedingly dirty Mini Cooper. As you can see, he’s proud of how filthy it is. He plans to e-mail this photo to a friend in Florida who also has a Mini with the comment: “Minis have it easy […]

The Swinga Swinga

The Swinga Swinga, originally uploaded by elefanterosado. The Swinga Swinga involves one little person, one big person* (with powerful arm torque) and gravity-defying airborne momentum. The all important refrain: “Daddy! I wanna go on the swinga swinga!” must be uttered. At the end of the session, it is usually seconded with: “Again Daddy, again!” Beware: […]

Los Gansos de Canadá

Canadian Geese, originally uploaded by christopher.woo. Wild geese flying by, calling on the downwind as they goNo answers they send, and springtime has too many miles to flowLone black pines; hillsides, all covered in snowWhy does the wind say you ain’t coming back anymore? Was there a time, when my dreams weren’t always of you?The […]