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January 2020
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We Must Never Lose Faith in Humanity

During this difficult election cycle (and era of change in this country), which has unfortunately brought out some of the darkest of human traits, I look to the words of my great heroes; human prophets who gave their entire lives to the service of educating we lesser mortals. Their words were uttered with humility, compassion […]

The Late Phyllis Schlafly’s Othering of Badly Behaved Women

Yep, I’m afraid I’ve gotta agree with Betty Friedan here: Phyllis Schlafly should probably have been burned at the stake for her heretical anti-feminism—at the very least in a figurative sense. Schlafly was on a crusade to chew away at the Equal Rights Amendment until her incisors drew blood. The EPA died on the floor […]

The Time For Civil Political Discourse Has Sadly Vanished

I just remembered why I stopped responding to political pages ages ago: the trolls and nasty responders. It’s the thing I truly HATE about social media. People sit behind their computers and vent their rage at people they don’t know personally. It’s inhuman. I make it a practice never to post to those threads haphazardly/when […]

In The End

I actually shook His Holiness’s hand and saw the reincarnation of his extreme compassion for myself. I will never forget it.

Calling Me Home

Yes, I had lost my way, but I had not lost my voice, or the sound of their voices either—those angels circling overhead with their sonorous song of life, levitating high above the heavens in a place where our dreams lie sacred and suspended, where the past, present and future meld together as one. Their voices growing ever sweeter, ever nearer. This time calling my name, calling me home.

My Twin Soul

My twin soul was named John Wenham Alden, but we called him “Jack.” He was my older brother by two and a half years. He was the person I most revered in life for his extreme brilliance and sense of humor, but also because we shared a symbiotic relationship. Again, the word “symbiotic” has become one that is often disparaged in our culture as akin to “codependent,” but that’s an erroneous and incorrect use of it. Rather, a “symbiotic” relationship is one that is *interdependent* in many deeply meaningful ways.

Our House

The never-ending saga of our unfinished house goes on and on (insert Celine Dion’s crescendo singing voice here), as we buckle down for yet another week of many at this odd “long term stay” motel in Albuquerque (hey, it’s close to Jamie’s school). This time the offenders aren’t New Mexico building folks, but rather, an […]

Davy Jones & The Homecoming Queen

Davy Jones & The Homecoming Queen, originally uploaded by elefanterosado. RIP Davy.

Sky Mirror

Sky Mirror, originally uploaded by elefanterosado. The natural beauty of New Mexico gets a little magical boost from a good friend who says I don’t need to give him credit. But I’ll give you a hint: He’s a better photographer than I am. The Land of Enchantment: Glorious with or without enhancement.

Cowboy at Dusk

Cowboy at Dusk, originally uploaded by elefanterosado. Alone on the range with just his dog, he watches as the long, hot day wanes to dusk. There’s no other life for a young cowpuncher. Near Tucumcari, New Mexico.